This Foundation Hack Is The One Trick That Will Solve Your Worst Makeup Problem

October 05, 2018

Anyone who uses and loves foundation knows that it can be pretty magical. Foundation hides those annoying breakouts, helps skin look smoother and more even, and can generally just make your skin look great. Of course, it has its downsides as well, and one is that it can be difficult to find a foundation that actually lasts an entire day without rubbing off. Even when using primer and setting spray, many people still deal with the frustration of foundation that virtually disappears by late afternoon. So when you hear about a foundation hack that is supposed to keep your makeup flawless the entire day, you get excited to try it.

This foundation tip is so simple that even makeup beginners will be able to try it out: you apply translucent powder before your foundation, not after. It’s supposed to give your skin a velvety finish, and keep foundation in place for hours upon hours.

At first thought, this tip seems completely out there — after all, it goes against everything you may have learned about the order in which you apply makeup.

But after thinking about it and reading reviews, we have to say: it actually makes a lot of sense.


The tip actually isn’t new, but has popped up as a topic of discussion after being brought up in a Reddit makeup thread. When discussing their “aha” moments with makeup, Reddit user purplesquirrels said they apply powder under foundation and that it keeps them from looking cakey. This caught the attention of Glamour writer Rachel Nussbaum, who tried it out and wrote about the results. Nussbaum said she applied Beautycounter’s Mattifying Powder over her face in place of primer, then topped it with Becca’s Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation.


The results? Nussbaum says that while her foundation didn’t look exactly the same as it did when she first applied it, it did look better than it ever had before at 4 p.m. She said, “After years of trying to find a foundation that would adequately stay put, the answer was in front of me all along. Translucent powder, man.”

Nussbaum and that Reddit user aren’t the only ones who swear by this foundation trick. Makeup artist Wayne Goss made a YouTube video about the tip called “This foundation tip can change your life!!” back in 2014. His advice is to apply moisturizer and primer, and then translucent powder before applying foundation. He claimed it fills in pores and fine lines, while keeping your foundation in place all day long.

The tip isn’t perfect, of course — Nussbaum says her face looked a little dry, which she fixed with a face mist spritz — but those who use it swear it keeps your foundation on. And really, it makes sense when you think about it: the powder acts a dry base, allowing foundation to stick for longer than it would with a smoother primer alone.

Even if you’re skeptical, we’d say it’s worth trying out for yourself!