A Pregnant Woman Asked Her Boyfriend To “Get Fat” With Her — The Internet Is Not Amused

September 27, 2018

A woman’s body changes a lot with pregnancy. Her hormones shift and her appetite increases, as does her weight — because, you know, she’s literally carrying another human being. However, one newly-pregnant woman wanted her boyfriend to “get fat” with her, and the internet is a bit boggled.

The boyfriend, who goes by GlutenFreejk on Reddit, took to the site to get some advice.


“Just last week my girlfriend found out that she’s pregnant,” GlutenFreejk wrote. “We are both gym rats and run and lift a lot but her question to me was startling. She asked me that while she’s pregnant to get fat with her. I really don’t want to lose my body but I am just so unsure about this. Anyone got tips?”

Having taken his qualm to such a public forum, the boyfriend got a slew of responses that, although varied in detail, point to the same answer: dude, you don’t have to “get fat” with her.

One Reddit user simply replied, “Then say no.” Another commented, “Short answer: do not fall for this. Don’t gain this ‘sympathy’ weight. Stick to your health.”


Most agreed that her request is a bit over the top. Weight gain is an extremely normal part of pregnancy and she should try her best to remain confident in her new (temporary) body.

Those who replied also told GlutenFreejk that rather than gaining weight with his girlfriend, he should just do his best to support her and make her feel great at every stage of her pregnancy.


“Focus on her,” one Reddit user said, “compliment her new curves, do something that shows you still care about her regardless of her temporary appearance.” Someone else wrote, “Reassure her that she looks great during and after pregnancy and help make healthy meals and work out with her throughout so she doesn’t feel abandoned.”

And, if she’s a huge fan of working out, chances are the girlfriend in question will stay fit throughout her pregnancy. She’ll probably gain the appropriate amount of weight, but won’t necessarily pile on the pounds she’s seemingly afraid of.

If we could write a comment to GlutenFreejk, we’d encourage him to help his girlfriend look at her potential pregnancy weight gain in a positive light. She’s experiencing the miracle of life and the “side effects” are absolutely worth the final outcome.