This Haunted Prison Is Letting People Stay The Night — You Couldn’t Pay Us To Do This

August 07, 2018

We love ourselves a good viral ghost story or creepy campfire tale. And sure, we know the difference between a residual (one that happens on repeat) and intelligent haunting (one that can interact with you or objects around you). Okay fine — we’ve watched every paranormal show on television and consider ourselves to be fairly versed in the realm of ghost hunting. But would we ever want to try it out for ourselves? Hell no. When we heard about how this haunted prison is hosting an overnight stay, we were like, “Cool, but absolutely count us out.”

Somerset’s HMP Shepton Mallet, the U.K.’s longest-running prison until it closed in 2013, has teamed up with Bump In The Night Paranormal U.K. to invite a lucky group to stay overnight at the notoriously haunted prison.


The event, which is scheduled for May 4th, 2019, will begin at 9 p.m. and go until 6:30 the next morning. Guests will partake in vigils, Ouija board sessions, and table tipping experiences led by the Bump In The Night team. The team will also teach guests how to use professional ghost hunting devices such as the P-SB7 Spirit Box, EMF Metre, and K2 Metre. Again, cool — but absolutely count us out!

Bump In The Night also writes on their site that guests are encouraged to break off from the group and try a solo ghost hunting session. Uh — we certainly hope diapers are included. Just saying.

Don’t try to get all tough and claim, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” Once you step foot inside Shepton Mallet Prison, you’re guaranteed to change your tune.


The prison was built 1610 as a “House of Correction.” Debtors, thieves, vagrants, and those with metal health disorders were all kept here, and men, women, and children weren’t separated. Because of the lack of organization, disease ran rampant and ultimately resulted in an overwhelming amount of deaths. Prisoners were buried in a graveyard just outside the prison.

On top of the massive number of deaths caused by disease, HMP Shepton Mallet carried out hundreds of death sentences up until 1945. In fact, the prison’s website states that the infamous “hanging room” now functions as office space. Huh.

You know what all that death means, don’t you? There’s at least a thousand angry and lost souls wandering those peeling halls.

According to Bustle, HMP Shepton Mallet ghost stories have been piling up over the years. In 2013, construction workers reportedly saw a man in military uniform emerge from a wall and walk down the hallway. And in 2017, a tour guide supposedly suffered from a phantom cigarette burn.

Several others have heard unexplained footsteps and witnessed cell doors closing on their own. Needless to say, HMP Shepton Mallet is hotbed of paranormal activity.

If you think you’re brave enough to join Bump In The Night for an overnight of terror and chills, head over to their website to book your tickets now (they’re around $71). Good luck and happy hauntings — uh, we mean hunting.