If You Ask Siri What You Should Be For Halloween, She’ll Give You Some Ideas That Will Make You LOL

August 29, 2018

Would you find it really sad if we told you that we often rely on Siri as a form of entertainment? Sure, we could read a book or watch a new show, but no. We talk to a disembodied voice in our free time. It’s just that she’s hilariously witty and sometimes savage AF. I mean, check out these LOL-worthy Halloween costume ideas Siri handed out to iPhone users and you’ll get why we can’t quit her.

We’ll be the first to admit that we rarely use Siri for what she’s intended for. Originally programmed into Apple devices as a “virtual personal assistant,” Siri is capable of sending text messages, setting reminders, navigating web searches, and helping you figure out what time you should see a movie.

But truth be told, we’re more about telling Siri to call us funny names, show off her beatboxing skills, and to tell us what to dress up as on Halloween.


As Bustle found out, Siri has a seemingly endless supply of costume ideas. She’s actually been dealing them out since 2015, so if you haven’t yet asked her for suggestions, we suggest you hop on this train like the rest of social media.

Here are some of the best Siri-suggested Halloween costumes we’ve seen on Twitter so far:

Ooh — now that’s a burn.


If you haven’t already started thinking about the scariest night of the year (we’re only two months away, people!), get Siri to lend a helping hand. We can’t guarantee you’re going to like her suggestions, but you’ll at least get a good laugh out of asking.